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I worked for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company for 10 years before I had children. I was blessed to be able to stay home with my girls.
Back in the 1960s, I started teaching 3 year olds in Sunday school. From there, I taught the Kindergarten class for our church daycare center. After it closed, I worked in the West Dallas Church for First Baptist Church.
I saw how much I loved children, teaching them and guiding them, and I knew one day I would have a day care center of my own. If, of course, it would be God's will.
My husband and I looked at different places in Oak Cliff, but nothing ever panned out there. In 1970 we moved to Red Oak.
I went to Hillcrest Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, where I met Mr. and Mrs. Graham. They were a very godly, elderly couple who lived in the house that now houses the 3 year olds and younger children. The Graham's had the house with three lots. I came to their home to inquire about a little house across the street. He told me in a few years they would be selling their home if I wanted to wait. Wait I did, and in late 1974 he called and said they were ready to talk to me. I told him right up front we did not have much, but he wanted to talk.
Mr. Graham gave me an offer of $13,000 as is for the house and three lots. I could name my down payment, monthly payment and interest for six months. I was overwhelmed and asked him why, because I knew it was underpriced. I will never forget his reply, he said, "I've watched you for years in our church with children and Mama and I want to do this," because he said that when they were dead in glory they would still be having a part in spreading God's word to little ones. Words could never express how humbled I felt.
The state department said I would have to have at least $10,000 to start a day care. If I  had had that much money I would not have had to work. I know that God owns the cattle on 1,000 hills so if it was in His will nothing could stop me from starting "Happy House." Bill, my husband, borrowed $2,500 from the Credit Union, I had $110 paycheck from Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, and a Sears credit card. I worked night and day painting, gathering toys, and Bill made lockers, tables and benches. A licensing representative came by every day to count the toys and check me out. This could take months but she did it to help me.
On the day before my last state inspection, I realized my butane was not working, only to discover the tank had not been sealed off properly, and it had slowly gone up in the air. I had NO more money I could call for; I was tired, and very discouraged at this point. I began to pray asking God to show me for sure if this was my place. In a matter of minutes, Mr. and Mrs. Graham came to see me. Mr. Graham said that since they still had things in the two bedrooms where our 3-year-old class is that they did not want me to pay that month's interest payment. It was $78, just enough to fill my butane tank.
I have never doubted that this is my calling from God. I've been blessed untold in the 29 years here with wonderful parents, children and teachers. God has met every need I have ever had.
Because I have been given so much, I run it with my heart and not my head. I've been able to help countless people who have been faithful to do what they have said. Yes, I have had countless people to leave me in great stress because of non-payment, but I would not change a thing. I'd do it all over again.
Words could never express my thankfulness and gratefulness for all of God's blessings. They have been so rich!

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